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Welcome to CloudEscape



Everything earned from our webstore, is what we invest back into the servers growth and maintenance fees. As a thank you for your generous contribution, we return you with unique and captivating ranks and perks that enhances your day-to-day gameplay on our server. Thank you for donating to CloudEscape as it really is a massive feat to ensure we can keep the server online, so every contribution truly warms our hearts. Please be sure to enter your EXACT MINECRAFT USERNAME with correct capitalization. It may up to 5-10 minutes for the system to credit your purchase in-game. This store allows users to purchase virtual items for this server. This means we do not provide a shipping/tracking number or any tangible goods.


All payments are handled by our secure gateway providers. CloudEscape does not store your credit card or bank information.
Need any questions answered before you make a purchase? Has your purchase not been credited in game after 20 minutes?
For all questions and issues please open a ticket in our Discord for lightning fast support.



All purchases are final and non-refundable. In case of a charge-back, your IP and username will automatically be banned from our servers.
Please note that spending money on the store does not make you exempt from server rules. If a player is caught breaking the rules, they will be punished without bias.